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2024 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

Founder(s): 2

Founded: 2022

Location: Lagos Nigeria.

Category: Learning Management System

About the Company

Gotocourse is a leading educational technology solution that addresses the limitations of traditional classrooms by making high-quality education available to students from any location through its comprehensive virtual school platform.

Despite numerous advantages that virtual learning systems offer, there are a number of recurring obstacles. The necessity for efficient collaboration and communication tools between creators and learners presents a fundamental problem in virtual learning. Without the right resources, learners and creators of the course could find it difficult to connect with the content of the course. Making education agile and accessible is yet another major issue. Traditional schooling can be inflexible, with set schedules and few options for pupils, creating challenges for those with a variety of learning requirements and styles. Gotocourse provides greater adaptability and accessibility, ensuring that every learner has access to high-quality education and improving learning outcomes



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