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Kunda Kids

2024 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

Founder(s): 2

Founded: 2020

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Category: Digital Content

About the Company

Kunda Kids is an African-centred Edtech solution that focuses on providing educational content and resources to promote cultural awareness and learning for children. The platform empowers African children and those interested in African culture with a deeper understanding of their heritage, history, languages, and traditions through engaging contents and animations.

Despite the large number of children worldwide who are of African descent, less than 6% of children's stories feature characters who are of African descent. Most children's story books have inadequate representation of African culture and history. It is imperative that children see themselves and their culture reflected in the stories they read in order to develop a sense of identity and cultural pride. When children are exposed to diverse stories and characters, they are better able to understand and appreciate different perspectives and cultures. By telling stories that reflect the diversity of African cultures, Kunda Kids creates content to raise the awareness of the importance of African stories as a powerful tool for preserving cultural heritage and passing it down to future generations



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