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2024 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

Founder(s): 1

Founded: 2018

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Category: Workforce & Skill

About the Company

Money Africa simplifies and localises financial literacy education. The platform empowers learners with essential financial literacy skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about money, savings, investments, and personal finance management.

According to S&P’s Global Financial Literacy Survey, African countries score the worst in terms of financial literacy in the world. Lack of financial literacy can result in debt, poverty, conflict, or inequality, yet financial education is largely lacking, especially among those at the bottom of the pyramid. Money Africa provides financial education, financial inclusion, and investment through the use of technology so Nigerians can learn how to make and grow money sustainably. By providing financial literacy training to those at the bottom of the pyramid, Money Africa empowers learners to make better financial choices and become financially resilient


  • We have plans to launch the Money Africa Kids App in June
  • Aiming to hit 1 million users in the next 3 years


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