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2024 Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Cohort

Founder(s): 3

Founded: 2020

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Category: Learning Management System

About the Company

Schoola is a future-ready learning platform that offers gamification and tools for fun, engaging and interactive lesson preparation for K-12 schools as well as provides learners with meaningful learning experiences.

Outdated curriculum in African schools fails to align with the rapidly evolving demands of the modern world, leaving students ill-equipped with the skills needed for future success. As a result, student underperformance becomes prevalent, with many struggling to grasp concepts and falling behind in their studies. Compounding this issue is the lack of resourceful learning management systems especially in remote and underserved areas. This discourages skilled educators from staying in the profession of teaching in challenging environments. Schoola automates learning to better serve teachers and students; and empowers teachers to deliver content through AI-Powered platforms that helps teachers do better as well as enhances learner's interest through its gamification feature.





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